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Custom Built Digital Audio
Or You Can Build Your Own With A Custom Cable. (see bottom of page)
This is the new Mini Mobile Digital Rack with a Foot or Hand key-up pedal.
Mini Mobile Digital Rack
Mike B. - Rack    Jose -Rack-Unlabeled Equipment    David G

DigitalAudio Rack-4    DigitalAudio Rack-5
I can set up any base radio with a rack mount and custom audio devices.
This system here uses a Shure SM58 Vocal Mic with a Foot Key Up Pedal.
MBT Model PC-800 AC Line Distribution With 8 Separate On/Off Switches
DBX Model 286 Mic Pre amp / Processor
DBX Model 131---31 Band Equalizer
T.C. Electronics Model M350 Effect / Reverb Processor
Eagle 2000 base radio modified by Dustin Prince
Incased in a 8 space rack with front and back hard shell covers. (not shown)

I sell a custom made audio patch cable that is wired for your specific radio
that you can use with any audio device that is used for professional audio or musicians processor boards.
You can use any microphone you choose. Stock, Noise Canceling, Power Mic or a Studio/Stage Mic.
There is no need for a foot key pedal, unless you are going to use a Studio Style Mic.
This patch cable will have
1 microphone input jack, 2-1/4" mono plugs (1-input & 1-output) and a microphone plug.
You can connect any audio device to your mobile or base radio with out paying a tech to modify your radio.
This includes a total of 6' of straight microphone wire and 2' of shielded wire in between 1/4" plugs.
The patch cable cost $40.00 Picture below. (Custom lengths are available for additional money)
Most customers start off with a good quality EQ. Estimated from $100.00 to $160.00
There is no limit to how many devices you can install.

Digital Mic Cable-2Digital Mic Cable-3